Import of Horticultural Products


Minister of Trade Regulation No. 30/M-DAG/PER/5/2017 dated 17 May 2017 (MOTR 30/2017) as amended by MOTR No. 43/M-DAG/PER/6/ 2017 dated 22 June 2017 (MOTR 43/2017) regulates the importation of horticultural products among other as follows:

  1. Horticultural products which are listed in the Attachment of MOTR 30/2017 (“HP products”) can be imported by (i) traders who own API-U, (ii) producers who own API-P and (iii) the state-owned company (BUMN) as it is designated by the Ministry of BUMN to do such importation in relation to securing domestic supply and price stabilization.  Exemption is given to passengers bring HP products for their own consumption with the amount at maximum of 10 kg per person.
  2. Traders and producers are allowed to import HP products if they already have applied: (a) Horticulture Product Import Recommendation (Rekomendasi Impor Produk Hortikultura/“RIPH”) from the Minister of Agricultural (MOA); and (b) Import Approval from the Minister of Trade (MOT).
  3. Before issuing the Import Approval, MOT shall consider (i) capacity and properness of the warehouse and transportation vehicles pursuant to the characteristics of the horticultural product and (ii) performance of the previous import realization. Once Import Approval is obtained the holder of it must submit the monthly report on import realization to MOT.
  4. Importation shall be subject to verification in the port of the origin country by a surveyor designated as the executor of verification by MOT regulation.  
  5. HP products which are imported by holders of API-U can only be traded and/or transferred to distributor and must not be sold directly to retailers or consumers; and  the HP products which are imported by holders of API-P can only be used for production activity.


Some requirements under the previous regulations such as registration of Importir Produsen-Produk Hortikultura for the importer who is the holder of API-P and ImporterTerdaftar-Produk Hortikultura for the importer who is the holder of API-U are no longer required.


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