Presidential Regulation No. 10 Year 2021 on Investment Business Sectors (“PR 10/21”) which was issued in February 2021 has been updated/revised in Mei 2021 under Presidential Regulation No. 49 Year 2021. The revisions also made towards the attachments II and III of PR 10/2021 regarding: 

   a. the business sectors  reserved for and in partnership with cooperatives and micro, small, medium enterprises /MSMEs
      (Attachment II); and

   b. the business sectors  open to investment with certain requirements ( Attachment III); The requirements are (i) limitation
      on foreign capital participation, (ii) restriction on certain investment locations, or (iii) prior approval from the relevant

The revisions among others are as follows:

1. The   alcoholic beverage industry (KBLI 11010), wine industry (KBLI 11020), and malt beverage (KBLI 11031) are stipulated as
    closed for investment.  Hence, these business sectors including retail of alcoholic beverages (KBLI 47221) and street vending
    of alcoholic beverages (KBLI 47826) are no longer listed in the Attachment III.

2. Attachment II

The trading of the following products through e-commerce is now reserved for cooperatives and MSMEs:

   a. food and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, pharmacy, cosmetics, and laboratory equipment (KBLI 47911)

   b. textile, clothes, footwear and personal equipment (KBLI 47912); and

   c. household and kitchen equipment (KBLI 47913) 


3. Attachment III

   a. Inclusion of courier activity (KBLI 53201)  with maximum foreign capital  49%

   b. removing  postal activities (KBLI 53100) from the list, previously it was limited to maximum 49% foreign capital

   c. firearm and amunition industry (KBLI 25200) has been restricted for foreign capital to be maximum  49%.  However for
      strategic national interest and subject to Minister of Defence’s approval, the foreign capital in this sector can be more than
      49%. Previously such foreign capital restriction is not clearly stipulated, simply subject to Minister of Defence’s approval.


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